The Limitless Mindset of an Independent Musician.

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Welcome to Meanzworld, a page created to write about my upcoming journey of releasing music consistently in 2020 as the Canadian independent DIY rapper, Mista Mean.

With all the information that’s readily available online for emerging artists, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce and fall in the whirlwind of failed executions, embarrasement and money losses trying to chase stardom. This page will serve as a tracker to see what works and what doesn’t and hopefully I can share some information to help those who are in my position. The more blogs I post, the more you will surely learn about me.

Along with the music, I am trying to bring more of an awareness in regards to health and wealth building. I am in no way rich yet, but I am DEBT FREE in my high 30’s and the options I am given now to increase my wealth are incredible. I want to motivate young people and Og’s to have a long term plan in mind when doing anything in life.

I will be posting various blogs of my lean fitness journey accompanied by details, pictures and behind the scenes content of my consitent workout regime and my low carb diet plans. (No Keto, but no more than 20% of my diet will come from carbs.)

Last but not least, I am creating my own videos and short films. I am learning on my own using only YouTube video tutorials and my Sony a6400 that I purchsed last October. I’ve also purchased lights and additional equiment along the way.

*I will post an inventory of all the amateur equipment I have to date shortly.

All the videos you will see posted on this page will be directed and edited by yours truly. I will probably have some filming assistance on the way as I cannot film myself all the time.

Focused, I’m anxious to see what I can get done focused for a whole calendar year.

I’m looking to help DIY artists such as myself, especially from my region as it is not known for hip hop and it doesnt really appreciate the indie rap world. But if you remember to do it for the art, and not the money, you will surely be able to attain a different kind of success.

Set your goals and sacrifice what you must to get them! Time and time over we here that consistancy was the key to success and I hope to prove that right with by blogs/vlogs.

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