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The release of A5 Coupe Music – Luxury Package

Friday, January 24th marks the release date of the first volume of my project A5 Coupe Music.  The EP holds 8 energetic songs that really set the tone for 2020. I am back on my fitness grind and needed motivating music to kick start the year. Music that is good enough to pump you up on your way to the gym and during your workout.

Winter in Canada are brutal and I can’t stand the snow and cold weather. It greatly affects my moods, so I hibernate.

Unlike animals, for me doesn’t mean deep sleep, laziness and rest. It means a lot of hard work and consistency to build momentum for things to come in the spring, summer and fall.

*I will release more details regarding my fitness regimen and goals in later blogs, but I wanted to introduce this special project first.

A5CM1 Luxury Package EP is entirely produced, mixed and engineered by Khamali Jordan. I handle the artistic direction, the promotions, marketing, packaging and the full funding of the project. In other words, it’s entirely out of my pockets, but I get full control over what I want to do.


I was first using OneRPM but a few things bothered me. One being that I had pre-released a single for specific date and it was pending for over 3 weeks. A last second rejection is no good when you’ve set a release date.

On another instance, they rejected my cover art saying that the artist name on the cover didn’t match the artist name of the song. I purposely created the cover as such. It’s been the cover art theme for the project and it should have be perfectly ok to do so since they had accepted the first 2 covers.

The rejected OneRPM Cover

DistroKid is my current distributor of choice. They currently offer three plans and I chose the 2nd tier, Musicians plus, $35.99/yr. I chose this one over their cheaper Musician plan $19.99/yr. for this reason only: it allows you to predate your releases, which I think is very important at this stage if you have a promotion plan before the release.

DistroKid is very quick with their processing. They’ve once released a song for me through Spotify and Itunes in less than 48 hours. .

Releases and Algorithms:

I had pre-determined that I want all my volumes to have 8 songs on them. Of the 8 songs, I release 4 or 5 of them as singles before releasing the EP so that I can create videos at a reasonable pace.

It should also help with the algorithms on Spotify as the plays on your singles count towards your album at the time of release. I will keep track of this and provide further updates as we move along this calendar year.


As mentioned earlier, I’m funding this whole project, so I make sure to adhere to my budget and work within my means. This is truly important because making music is an expensive hobby.

I recently invested in a camera (Sony a6400) and invested alot of time teaching myself how to properly use it.  With you tube, I’m learning to edit my own clips to remove most video costs.

*I’m already seeing a return on investment as I now create videos for other up and coming artists as an additional side gig.

I’ve done extensive research on the best cost-effective ways to roll out a product and invested much time learning how to do the most that I can before reaching out for help.

I will be more thorough about my budgeting in future blogs.

Mista Mean- 24

I will need to research and reach out to more promotional services such as Submit HUB.

Comment below if you are also a DIY artist so that we can share some ideas. Knowledge is POWER or if you know of any outlet that promotes indie music.

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