Lean in 3 Months From Home

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May 1st– May 31st

Starting Weight: 157lbs / Current Weight: 152lbs

Starting Body Fat: 17.6% / Closing Body Fat: 16.8%

On May 1st, I started my journey to lose 15 pounds and get leaner than I have ever been by the end of July. With COVID having us on lockdown, there was no better time to start. As a germaphobe with an introverted personality, I prefer being away from people because it allows me to really tap into my creativity and inner drive.

Getting fit is great, but I hate going to a gym. Everything I do is at home or outside; very inexpensive. The end of this article will list the home equipment that I have been using.

I also have no trainer. All my workout information and motivation come from YouTube fitness sites and fitness podcasts.

Like anything else, consistency is key for me to achieve my transformation goal. I was not in too bad of shape when I started in May, but my diet was all over the place. I was eating too many carbs in forms of bread, pastas, and pastries.


Before starting the plan, I found myself often lethargic after meals and I was not getting things done as efficiently as I would like to. It was time to make some changes starting May 1st:

  • Wake up every morning at 5:45.
  • Track my calories daily. (Loseit App)
  • Adaily calorie intake limit of 1800. (I try to hover around 1500)
  • First meal after 1pm, and my last meal is no later than 7pm.  (It is not a full fast because I have coffee wit sugar and cream at 10am)
  • Full workout or some physical activity before my first meal. (negative calory deficit before my first meal)
  • Workout 3 days and take one rest day all month. (2 weightlifting days and 1 Calisthenics)

For most of the month I have been able to stay on course, with the exception of birthday. I took vacation Victoria Day long weekend and I fell off the diet for a few days.  You can see in my weight chart below:

I will keep tracking my progress and posting more about my workouts. We can all achieve the goals we want to with motivation and consistency.

The plan is to be lean at 145lbs by the end of July.


Pull Up Bar (Multi Purpose)

Workout Mat


Jump Rope


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