So it begins. A new era in my musical journey.

Since May 1st, I’ve been learning how to record and mix my own music. I want to see how far I can go if I do everthing myself. The writing, reccording, mixing, etc. The whole process with the exception of the beat making.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve posted my first track on my new spotify account. Catch Me If You Can (Produced by AndreOnBeat)

Cover photo taken by @meanzworld

This song represents my drive and work ethic. Others will have to step up if they plan to keep up with me. It has a smooth eerie feel that captures the late night moods of my city perfectly.


Like, why am I gonna stay around you if you ain’t doing nothin’ for me
You ruin that energy
So Im blessed on my own, man you can’t get in my mindstate
You can’t understand my goals, you can’t understand my drive
Do what the fuck I wanna do, what you talkin bout

1 am chillin no questions on what I’m smokin on
Breeze on the flow, explore on this phenomenon
5 hits, I take flights without the carry ons
Everybody’s way too hype, that’s why I’m stayin calm
And I keep a minor eye to what’s goin on
I see signs that the sixes are about to form
This ain’t nothin, minor calm right before the storm
I’m out the norm, but you dig me in my human form
I… X files when I X childs
Exile’d! Came back, who am I now
Meters or miles it’s been a long while
I don’t give em a chance to get hostile
My style….cool calm, calculated
Cultivated from this hip hop shit, Nigga
I’m the truth you should get my drift
Like the magnetic field… you gon feel that flip, nigga
I’m a top cat, Gen-X survivor
Exquisite liquor wit a touch of lime just for flavor
Leather loafers, chillin on my sofa nigga
Reminiscin’ on the days I couldn’t buy no sneakers
And they used to call me a bum, not anymore
Now they say I’m the one that’s never down anymore
The one gettin dubs, who’s checkin the score
I ride til I die, ball til I fall

Ride til I die, ball til I fall
Ride til I die, ball til I fall
Ride til I die, ball til I fall
Ride til I die, ball til I fall
Ride til I die, ball til I fall
Ride til I die, ball til I fall

I dont understand how you ain’t got it man, some of us are born hustlers
Some of us are just born losers, followers know what I mean
My back’s been against the wall
I just keep coming out victorious, you know what Im sayin?
What about you?

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