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With everything that’s been going on in 2020, I find myself reminiscing to when times seemed just…*sigh*… just better. I thought things couldn’t get worst than the C*VID-19, and then the brutal murder of George Floyd occured live for the world to see.

Now here we are, June 19th, and the insanity is still going on. Police brutality and racism has been an issue for alot black people and minorities and I’ve come to a realization that this won’t change in my lifetime.

There is a time in my life I can recall where racism seemed to be non-existant and those were the days when I was growing up on Bowhill Ave, a noisy little neibourhood in the west end of Ottawa.

I’ve lived there until I was 10 years old before I moved to an all white town called Russell in the outskirts of the city. I got properly introduced to racism in that town and it didnt take long at all.

Bowhill was a low class neibourhood with families of all ethnicities. Alot of minorities, but alot of caucasians too. If you lived there, you definitely weren’t rich.

I don’t remember any tension or issues due to the colour of our skin. We were all brats and even though we attended different schools, we all got along and so did our parents. If there was racism, I never felt it like I did in Russell. And twitter is putting it on display on a whole other level for us to see.

*Fun Fact: They are now trying to change the Town’s name now because apparently this Russell guy was racist. I could care less to look him up, but still funny.

If I’m being truthful, my faith in humanity has come and gone. This song serve to describe how I feel on the stupidity I’m seeing in the world and why I stay in the shadows.

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It’s kind of chilly in the city
The same crowd under clouds of the sticky
Politicking bout who’s top 10 or top 50
Who’s makin moves who’s accumulating bodies
The streets passin secrets police watchin
I’m OG so the times changed
Alot of dying due to nonsense and self snitchin
Women violating I don’t see a lot of regulating

Im tryin to speak sense to these yougn’s
The least you can do is honor the code of silence
Niggas claim gang but none of your squad is vouchin
Not only do you get fucked you’re 6 9 ing
But the money and the fame is always blindin
No one wants to build they don’t want to put the time in
I have wants too my pinky ring stay shinin
Don’t get left froze in the maze like the shining

No Steven I know I’m a king
But the streets is full of ponds that will try to take a swing
One thing about the money is the envy that it brings
Gunshots ring another angel’s gonna sings
Just tellin a story without wings
Clash a glass with my patnas in the ring
Full of champagne toastin to the pain that we use to feel
On the broke days long long way from Bowhill

I try to show em what I learn still
I do it for the passion not the filthy dollar bills
Cheap thrills girls on poles off cheap pills
Tryna take me home to show me they suck dill
And they know I’m a let em cause I’m far from home
My peeps are with me but I’m all alone

I’m in my zone
I’m in my zone

This shit takes me to a time
Pause time kick back and let me unwind
Just a little rewind
Just a little rewind
This shit takes me to a time
Pause time kick back and let me unwind
Just a little rewind
Just a little rewind

I’m in my zone
I’m in my zone
Just a little rewind
Just a little rewind

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