So much can be learned from playing a simple board game. I remember my first sore losing experience was playing Monopoly with my older sister. I would get so upset that she would manipulate other players including my mother to get the deals that she wanted and dominated the board.

It is at that time that I learned a valuable lesion in life. You must create your own luck to win at anything you do. I used to rely on the dies to get me where I needed to be. My sister relied on her negotiating skills to con other players out of their assets.

Fast forward to my life now and I still apply those principles in my daily routine. I do not wait for luck to come knocking on my door, I create my luck but maintaining a plan and attacking my goals at any means.

I buy anything I think I can make a dollar with and stay patient as it will pay off in the long run. If it cannot make me a dollar, I probably do not need it for my Monopoly.

That being said, my sister has never beat me at Monopoly since, nobody has.


We used to run together
Makin moves actin smooth playas in any weather
Ladies cluckin’ together homies bustin’ whoever
It was southside ways we was patnas forever
Shit’s changed now gotta provide for our daughters
Niggas is growing old but every day I’m feelin’ younger
Hustles are multiplying people around me dying
If I ever fail it wasn’t for the lack of trying
They wanted me dead but I walk around survivin’
Wave to police I’m a black man strivin’
Don’t need em, haters gon’ hate I can’t see em
Don’t feed em my energy’s my own and I’m beamin’
No dreamin’ teachers used to laugh at my math
Didn’t know how to divide steady adding up my cash
I’m holding properties a grown man playin’ Monopoly
On my Drake tip bitch it’s all me

Ask me what I wanna do, I say I wanna ride
You can’t understand my drive
Tell you what I wanna do, I just wanna ride
You can tell I’m on a high
Tell her what I wanna do, I just wanna slide
Let me up inside
Can’t you tell Im on a high
Can’t you tell Im on a high

Money all day money all night
I’m high all day high all night
She lookin’ lovely think I just might
Take that bite right
I’m Jaymes
Coolest king in the city I stay low key
Biggest diamond in the game that you can’t keep
All these rappers sound alike but I’m just me
All these rappers live a lie I’m just me
Different, smokin’ weed sippin’ smoothies
I can have her goin’ up and down like them burpees
I don’t know one that walks around sayin’ they served me
Cool wit the youngbloods, cool wit the OG’s
Tryin’ to keep em off the streets, that’s a dead end
Tryin’ to keep em on they feet that’s a good friend
Blessed wit a high IQ I don’t pretend
Stay in my lane while you bums chase new trends

Tryna get some M’s
I’m wit ya ‘til the end

Author: imjaac
I’m just an average Canadian…father, employee, investor, entrepreneur, health enthusiast that understands the struggles of everyday life. This blog is simply a chronicle of my journey and things that I've learned along the way that made me wiser.

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