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This year has been a strange one, and to continue the trend, many people are forced to celebrate Christmas without their loved ones due to lockdowns.

I’ve never been much of a Christmas fan, but we will be on lockdown starting tomorrow which means no New Year’s gatherings. That stings. I always like to celebrate the new year in style and the goverment is saying no to that.

2021 has to be a better year right?

I’m an adult and in many ways an introvert, so all these lockdowns and restrictions don’t affect me much. In fact, I strive under these conditions more than the avergage person. It’s the kids I have to feel bad for.

My daughter’s been a trooper through it all and has been asking me to do a video with her, so I figured putting up the Christmas tree would be a perfect little project we could do together.

KOBE (RIP)- Been on my tree since 2000

From my family to yours, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Lets hope that these goverment lockdowns don’t become the norm. I can go on and on about the hidden agendas, but I dont want to appear as a conspiracy theorist on Christmas day.

My daughter putting up the tree for Santa.

**The instrumental in the video from one of my tracks from the Midnight Sessions EP- Milestones. The beat is produced by AndreOnBeat.


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