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So much happened in 2020 that affected many of us in various ways. There was so much hype but when it arrived, it immediately started wreaking havoc.

I knew it was going to be a disturbing year the moment one of my childhood icons, Kobe Bryant, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash along side his daughter and others the morning of January 26th.


The news took everyone by surprise, and the year was just getting started.

The following month, there were news coverages informing the public of a strange virus that was affecting people throughout the world and that it might make its way to the Americas. I had first heard of this virus back in December 2019 when it had just broken out of China, so the fact it was an increasing issue in February already had me on my toes.

When March came around, the unimaginable happened: a worldwide lockdown. No friends or family, just temporary confinement in our homes until the powers that be told us to proceed otherwise.

Empty downtown streets on a summer night

For many, it was an overwhelming change. For me, it was business as usual.

Almost like a dream come true to be honest. I only saw it as an opportunity to increase my knowledge and to better myself mentally, physically, and financially without outside distractions and noise. And trust me, there was a lot of noise.

I perceived it as an “adult time-out” to get the wrongs in my life right.

This webpage was created with the intent of tracking my self-efficiency and creativity, both sonically and visually. I had no plans to do anything with this page other than to use it as a journal.

As an independent artist, I had to break from my dependency on others. It was time to learn how to manifest my own visons and follow through with them. After all, I was restricted from going anywhere to create by law.

First project I created and completed on my own in May

I invested in a decent camera and started learning photography, videography, and color grading as a hobby. It was a hard task to take on by myself, but I persevered and even filmed and edited a few videos on my own for practice. I’m convinced that I will only get better.

One key lifestyle change was my diet.

 I chose to cook at home every day rather than ordering take out and I am currently in my best physical shape. I feel much healthier than I did prior to the pandemic. My mind is razor sharp, never cloudy and my energy levels are as they were in my 20’s.

Replaced Rice and Pasta for veggies

It is like I am drinking from the fountain of youth. I have been tracking my physical transformation and I will be posting about it to motivate others who may be wanting to achieve a healthy goal…or a six pack!

Utterly understanding the importance of compounding and reinvesting your profits.

The pandemic has put me in great position to invest with other partners when opportunities arise. That can only be attributed that to the fact that I was not out spending my earnings at unnecessary functions, events, restaurants, on fuel, alcohol, or travels.

And if you are into the stock market like I am and bought the dip, you probably ended the year with reasonable capital gains!

I do not think 2020 should be viewed as the worst year ever, but as an important reminder.

Things that occur in this world are often out of our control, but you do have the control to better yourself and to be better prepared for the unforeseen.

The internet makes it easy to increase our knowledge for self-improvement. It is crucial to develop as many skills as we can because a job is only reliable until we get replaced.

Read more books if you have spare time. That alone can steer you right.

Here are some suggestions: The Alchemist, Think and Grow Rich, The Wealthy Barber, Rich Dad Poor Dad & The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck.

If you do not like reading or purchasing books, go on Youtube and listen to the works of Earl Nightingale for free. The more knowledge and experience you acquire, the more you can help yourself and others in need.

I tip my hat and salute those who took the time to change something and improve during the pandemic. It could be something as simple as taking a walk every day.

And if you missed the boat the first time, currently a lot of us are still on lockdown. Start your 2021 year the right way and do not aim for perfection, instead, aim for consistency.

Get Healthy & Fit



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