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Finally, out with 2020, in with 2021! But is this good news?

It is if you stay clear from time wasters.

Many of us are currently still wating time in lockdown in many areas. In other words, we are at the mercy of our governments as to when we can function normally again. Apparently, doing so is saving lives although the numbers keep magically increasing.

My mom used to tell me that keeping my thoughts to myself is often the better way to go in many cases, so I chose not to discuss my thoughts on this whole pandemic.

All I can do is pray for those who are affected and hope that this is not some blown out fabrication to control our population.

Regardless, I am being good, staying home and blacking out from any Trump news.

There is no better time to improve yourself.

Since the first lockdown last year, I stayed true to my promise of improving myself every single day, in every single way that I can.

No time wasters and it has paid off.

My photography and videography skills have greatly improved, and I have now a few consistent clients to work with in real estate and entertainment.

I will be shooting a music video next weekend for am up and coming artist from my city and will try to capture behind the scenes footage and track how that goes. It should be a good one and a great opportunity to test my new SIGMA 16mm lens in low light conditions.

I present my first single of 2021: Time Wasters.

My theme for 2021 is not to waste any time, or should I say, not to let anyone else waste my time. I will double down on my fitness, my investments, my visuals, and my musical creations with a goal to accomplish even more than I did last year.

Not much to be elaborated here. We have got to stay clear from them to attain better success.

Watching less TV, spending less time thinking about what you want to do and more time on actioning your thoughts.

Stop wasting time during lockdown!

Stay safe in the new year and if you have had a bad 2020, I wish you a much better 2021.


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