Life is looking like a Roulette table right now. I’m just patiently waiting for the wheel to stop knowing the right plays will payoff.

It’s No Time To be Lonely

For me, I cannot say the lockdown is bothering me much. I keep frequent contact with those close to me, and keep myself busy gaining more knowledge and creative inspirations for my projects.

Eating well and working out regularly keeps me healthy and alert. Consistency is paying off and I will be posting about my 1-year transformation since lockdowns began last March shortly.

Now, one thing I do miss is my annual trip to my favourite hideout destination, Niagara Falls, especially the Fallsview Casino Resort.

Can’t wait to hear the slot machine chimes and the sounds of the casino chip stack sliding through my fingers again. The suspense of playing blackjack knowing you have a killer hand with odds of beating the dealer.

But what I deeply miss is being seated at the Roulette table.

Drink in hand, watching the numbered wheel spin as the ball gently drops and bounces around until it lands on its destination; all in the hopes thatย my picks surrounding the number 17 are winners, or better yet, the number 17 itself.

Roulette is the perfect game for me. Yes, it involves a lot of luck, but if you observe the game closely and avoid making greedy irrational plays, you can make a killing.

Patience is virtue.

Don’t know when the casinos will reopen, but I hope it will be soon. Until then, I can only drop a song about it.

Check it out below or on Spotify or all other streaming platforms.

Author: imjaac
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